Final Reports by RET Fellows, Summer 2012  


  Allison Tenerelli, "Localizing seizure onset region in frontal lobe epilepsy using subtraction ictal spect co-registered to MRI (SISCOM) with a novel 72-detector SPECT scanner", UIC-LPPD-080611a, August 2012.

   Allan Fluharty, "An Investigation into Establishing a Biodiesel Program at UIC", UIC-LPPD-080611b [report][poster]

  Christopher Aderhold, "Studies on Audible Sound Wave Propagation Through Pig Lungs", UIC-LPPD-080611c, August 2012. [report][poster]

  David E. Ashkenaz, "Microwave synthesis and characteristics of functionalized CdTe quantum dots for drug delivery in the central nervous system", UIC LPPD-080611d, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Deborah Kim, "The effect of tissue oxygen level on cerebral blood flow", UIC-LPPD-080611e, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Frehiwot Gebrehiwot, "Trigger Responsive Dendrimer- Liposome Hybrid Nanocarrier System for Targeted Drug Delivery", UIC-LPPD-080611f, August 2012. [report]][poster]

  Nicholas DIGiovanni, "The Effect of Sulforaphane on Aquaporin 4 Production and Signal Pathways in Rat Astrocytes", UIC-LPPD-080611f, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Patrick Mucha, "Comparing SISCOM and RISCOM images in patients with intractable epilepsy", UIC-LPPD-080611g, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Shawana Ridley, "Synthetic cross linking 2XGST-hydrogel", UIC-LPPD-080611f, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Valentin J. Torres, "Aquaporin-4 and Cerebrovasculature", UIC-LPPD-080611h, August 2012. [report][poster]

  Yvette Gallegos, "Refining and Visualizing the Finite Element Model of a Cornea", UIC-LPPD-080611i, August 2012. [report][poster]