Final Reports by RET Fellows, Summer 2010  


  • Frehiwot Gebrehiwot, "Effect of Nucleus Accumbens Shell Inhibition on Salt Intake", UIC-LPPD-080610a, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Koula Quirk, "Steady-State Blood Flow Model of the Rhesus Monkey", UIC-LPPD-080610b, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Matthew Ranft, "Numerical and Experimental Study of Collagen Crosslinking Treatment for Keratoconus FEA Study", UIC LPPD-080610c, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Jeromy T. Bentley, "Development of Polymeric and Liposomal Nanohybrids as Potential Targeted Drug Delivery Systems", UIC-LPPD-080610d, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Nathan A. Unterman, "Polystyrene Coating of Microfluidic Devices to Reduce Absorption", UIC-LPPD-080610e, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Kristen Kopf, "Design of Genetic Sequences Encoding a MMP-2-Degradable Synthetic Recombinant Protein", UIC-LPPD-080610f, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Allan Fluharty, "Current and Future Impact of Nanotechnology", UIC-LPPD-080610g, August 2010. [report][poster]

  • Elizabeth Smith, "Effect of Substrate Topography on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior and Morphology", UIC-LPPD-080610h, August 2010. [report][poster]